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The Church of Safe Injection is a Maine-based harm reduction nonprofit that fights for the health, rights, and dignity of people who use drugs (PWUD). We fight for the closure of all prisons and other tools of structural violence against poor and marginalized people.

Reproductive health update

Maine Family Planning is providing services at the Lewiston location through the Reproductive Empowerment Project (REP). This initiative supports people who use drugs and are at risk for unwanted or unplanned pregnancies by offering low-barrier access to:

• oral contraceptives
• STI screenings
• educational materials
• referrals to gender-affirming care
• abortion services

For more information, email or reach out to us directly!


We have expanded outreach efforts with new peer navigators in Cumberland, Oxford, and Androscoggin counties! They will help people access harm reduction supplies, naloxone, wound care, and overdose prevention education. Peer Navigators also connect people with community resources like health care services; testing for HIV, STDs and hepatitis; PEP and PrEP; substance use treatment; and medical detox. For more information about outreach locations and hours, follow us on social media!

Funding update

• Bowdoin College’s McKeen Center for the Common Good awarded CoSI $4,000 for essential items for participants, including socks, underwear, and hygienic supplies. We value our partnership with Bowdoin and appreciate the funding, as well as the annual educational sessions we offer incoming students each summer!

• Church of Safe Injection is proud to be a member of the 2023 grantee cohort of @AIDSUnited’s Harm Reduction Futures Fund.

We’re looking forward to the opportunities to learn from other grantees and deepen our work for community.

Head to AIDS United’s website to learn more about the initiative.

AIDS United 2023 grantees

Recent events

India Street Harm Reduction Center Community Dinner March 2023
Black Balloon Day 2023

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What we do

Our mission is to reduce harm.

Our mission is to reduce harm associated with active drug use and to lift up and support the intersectionality of poverty, poor access to health care and homelessness. Therefore, in addition to safe using supplies, we promote harm reduction and adequate safe supplies in many forms, in collaboration with other grassroots organizations. We fundraise for scholarships for recovery residences and advocate for policies that support overdose prevention and safe use sites. We believe that in order to grow and heal, we must rely on the voices of people who use drugs to ensure evidence based practices that are most appropriate for the demographic we serve.

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Jesse Harvey

Our work remembers and honors our founder, Jesse Harvey.

Rest in power, Jesse Harvey